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Longtail Outfitters offers a variety of hunts, all promising that added personal touch. Our trips guarantee an action-packed itinerary, while delivering a truly knowledgeable and authentic guide experience. Take a look at the hunts we offer below, and get in touch if you would like to learn how you can book a hunt with us today.


Northern Idaho offers excellent whitetail deer hunting and has a history of consistently producing trophy whitetails. With a long hunting season that begins with archery in late August and concludes with rifle hunting by early December, there are ample opportunities to take home the whitetail buck of your dreams. The hunting techniques employed are dictated heavily by the weather and the progression of the rut, with the rut peaking in mid to late November.

On the other hand, mule deer hunting in our area can be quite challenging. Although Northern Idaho is not typically considered a trophy hunting area, there are some nice mule deer here. These trophy animals live in the remote and rugged terrain of our area. Mule deer hunts are primarily spot and stalk and can be physically challenging.​

Northern Idaho has a relatively dense black bear population and provides ample opportunity for a successful hunt. There is a large proportion of color phase bears in the area. Northern Idaho black bears may be hunted in either the spring or the fall. However, spring bear hunts provide you with a better chance for successfully harvesting a trophy with a beautiful coat. Our hunting area offers a variety of hunting opportunities including spot and stalk hunts, baited hunts or hunts with hounds.


Mountain lion hunting is truly a thrilling hunting experience and one you will certainly never forget. These beautiful predators are very elusive and only with the aid of some well-trained hounds will you likely ever have a chance to encounter on in the wild. Mountain lions typically weigh 90 to 170 pounds and are able to take down deer and elk with ease.

Our hunting area is well suited for mountain lion hunts with a stable population that produces numerous harvests every year. According to the Idaho Fish and Game Harvest statistics, the hunting unit in which we operate has recorded the highest number of mountain lion harvests in the state since 2005. We strive to preserve and maintain this stable population by only taking Toms in our hunting area. Mountain lions may be hunted with your choice of weapon including rifle, handgun, or archery tackle.

If you are looking for a physically demanding and challenging hunt, elk hunting in Northern Idaho is the answer. Due to the heavy cover and rugged terrain the elk inhabit, this hunt will test your physical fitness. To have a successful elk hunt, you will need to be in good physical condition in order to effectively pursue these elusive animals. We offer both archery and rifle elk hunts and employ various hunting methods for each. Archery season coincides with the rut in our area and we focus on calling during these hunts. During rifle season, hiking, glassing and cow-calling are the main techniques employed.


Moose hunting in Northern Idaho is some of the best in the continental US. There are an abundance of Shiras moose in our area thanks to controlled hunts and the resulting light hunting pressure on these animals. This affords hunters the opportunity to take a nice trophy moose if you can draw a tag.

To hunt for moose in Idaho you have to first apply for a controlled hunt tag with Idaho Fish and Game. Moose hunts in Idaho are a "once in a lifetime hunt" and the odds for drawing a tag that coincides with our hunting area are about 10-15%. Moose hunts need be applied for in the month of April through the Idaho Fish and Game website. Click here for more information about how to apply for an Idaho moose hunt.

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